Perfect lighting for Van Wezel Tegelwerken

Van Wezels showroom serves as a source of inspiration for its visitors. “Light has a vital role in the decision process of a customer.” Jan van Wezel says. “The tiles need to look perfect anywhere in the store, whether they are near the window, or at the back. That way, customers will not be surprised when they mount the tile against the wall or on the floor at home.”

Light yield and light color

The problem Van Wezel was facing, consisted mostly of the fact that traditional lighting differs greatly in light yield and light color, even if he used the same type of luminaires next to each other. “You need to replace the lighting over time, which allows the difference to be clearly visible. The wholesaler pointed me towards Klemko products, and I came into contact with Leo van Aken.” Leo is product specialist LED-lighting and visited the tile shop to be able to give tailored advice: “This situation involved two challenges. Firstly, the front of the shop is fitted with large windows, that allow daylight through. This light does not reach the back of the shop however, so we needed to make sure that the light color stayed even throughout the entire shop. In addition, Van Wezel uses cabinets where the tiles are mounted on extendable and retractable panels. These panels need to be illuminated evenly, while the extending and retracting shouldn’t be obstructed by the luminaires.

Flat luminaire with LED-strip

Especially made for this application, Klemko developed a tailored luminaire. Leo: “This flat luminaire with a LED-strip built-in allows the panels to move freely. Furthermore, this lighting has a high CRI (Color Rating Index), meaning it looks similar to natural daylight. That way, all tiles are illuminated equally.” He wants to add that this is not just important for tile shops: “Good lighting is essential, anywhere where color is important like clothing stores, paint stores and museums. It makes the products more appealing and makes sure that the customer knows exactly what he is buying.” Jan van Wezel is happy with the solution: “The result is definitely there, and I always invited interested parties to come and take a look at the lighting if they want to know more about it.”

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