The largest hotel in the Benelux flexible and sustainable lighting

Hotel Schiphol can be found by the A4 motorway, near the Brugrestaurant. This hotel is a Van der Valk, marked by the nationally well-known toucan. Replacing the halogen with LED-lighting is a vital part of the renovation started to prepare the hotel for the future.
 For many, the hotel is still known as Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4. However, now that an extension by the name of design hotel I AM has been realized at the back of the hotel, it is now simply known as Hotel Schiphol.
René van de Groep, head technical services of Hotel Schiphol, had to replace the halogen lamps in 240 rooms with equal lamps. The first idea was to use PL, but the light experience with PL turned out to be inferior after various tests. That is why it was decided to use LED-lighting.

Reliable manufacturer
"Not everything went according to plan" says Van de Groep. "We had some serious delays in the renovation of the lights. The former supplier of the light luminaires ended the production of the LED-modules we ordered, while we were in the middle of our renovation process." Van de Groep then had to find different suppliers. He had to deal with, what he calls "flops and cowboys with wonky aftersales". Eventually, he found a reliable manufacturer in Klemko. "They can deliver us LED-lighting that fits our demands perfectly. Moreover, we can fall back on well considered advice, specified to every type of room."

The light experience of the guest
Van de Groep: "We have different types of rooms. For example, our luxury standard rooms with jacuzzi, where guests can relax completely. The room has comfortable twin beds, air conditioning, a flat screen TV, a safe and a balcony. The sizable bathroom with jacuzzi and separate shower is connected to the sleeping area. The line of sight to the bathroom is obstructed by a wall, different from the Comfort Plus room, which has an open jacuzzi visible from the twin bed. That way, the bed guest can chat with the bath guest."

This is where the lighting gets unique attention, as it influences the light experience of the guests notably. In the bathroom, it is essential to show the face and the skin as natural as possible. That is why the decision was made to use a natural white of 4000K. Installed in the rooms are Klemko-LEDs of the type Lupe-1, with a milk glass edge and the Verona round luminaires."

Luxury in lighting
"The suites can also be found in multiple variants, such as the Moulin Rouge, the Jungle, the Mexico, the Sauna, the Wellness and the Ibiza. The Top Suite is, as the name suggests, top of the bill. Just as the Comfort Plus, this suite also has a separate jacuzzi amidst the spacious room. Having 65m2 of floor space, the room has a king size bed and the two-person jacuzzi in round edition. Right over the jacuzzi, a ring-shaped ledge has been placed on the ceiling. Inside of this ledge, but out of sight, liniLED® RGB-side emitter strips have been mounted. The light of this strip emits at a 90° angle down. It enhances the luxurious feeling of the room while bathing. The color can be remotely set in the hallway." explains Van de Groep. "We are very pleased with the Klemko-lighting."
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