Parking garage Deurne

By using the Mepac KBS, the technician could install the electrical tubes for the new LED-lighting even faster. This also greatly reduces the nuisance in the existing parking garage, as well as for the surrounding stores, which were opened throughout the project.

The new Mepac clamping clip is developed in cooperation with various technicians in accordance with the latest innovative techniques of the present, whereby the clamping clip can be installed very fast and dust free. This aids you to conform to the new standards for dust-free labor. Exceeding these standards can lead to a large fine. As employer, you are responsible for safe and healthy labor conditions for your employees. Nevertheless, TNO concludes that the current limit of 0,075 mg/m3 per day in construction, is exceeded in 60% of the cases. As of 1 January 2014, the Inspection SZW has implemented stricter controls on dust-free labor.

The KBS is shaped as to fit on the nozzle of the commonly used stud guns by DeWALT, Aerfast, Hilti and Spit/Paslode. This allows you to easily and quickly shoot the clamping clip into the wall od into the ceiling on different surfaces, like concrete, wood and steel.

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