P.I.R. Switches

Article class (ETIM)
Model :
Sensor type :
Type :
Technique :
Mounting method :
Constant light control :
Sensor connector :
Contact :
HVAC-control :
Forced switch off :
Halogen lighting :
LED lights (VA):
Fluorescent lighting :
Ind. Par. compensated load :
Max. highfrequency EVSA :
Load EVSA (VA):
Max. switching power (W):
Resistive load in Watts (W):
Optimum mounting height (m):
Max. mounting height (m):
Max. transmission range sideways (m):
Max. transmission range frontally (m):
Diameter detection range on floor (m):
Remote operation :
With remote control :
Response value sensitivity adjustable :
Response value luminosity adjustable :
Material :
Length (mm):
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Built-in height (mm):
Cablelength sensor (m):
Dimfunction :
Power consumption (W):
Built-in size (mm):
Outerdiameter sensor (mm):
Material quality :
Surface protection :
Type of surface :
Colour :
RAL-number (akin) :
Degree of protection (IP) :
Voltage type :
Nominal voltage (V):
Min. switch-on time (s):
Pre-assembled :
Max. duty cycle (min):
Detection angle horizontal (°):
Response value luminosity (lx):
Animal zone :
Bridging switch :
Lensmask included :
Temperature (°C):
Max. starting current (A):
Substation input :
Control current (mA):
Frequency (Hz):
Voltage range (V):
Contacts :
Zero passage controlled relay :
Nom. current at nom. voltage (A):
Puls :
Diameter on floor (max. height) (m):
Surface area of detection (m²):
Surface area of detection (max. height) (m²):
Max. amount of slaves (st):
Lux adjustable :
Selflearning luxvalue :
Suitable for wall mounting :
Suitable for ceiling mounting :
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