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Welcome to Klemko Technology. Do you want to know who we are? And what we do? Are you interested in lighting controls, connection technology and LED & lighting? You are at the right place, because those are the pillars of our company. We develop and produce these electrical products and deliver them through electrical wholesalers.

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When visiting the Klemko site you will no doubt get new ideas. In this place you will get a view of our diverse product program in the form of information about Klemko products, related products, installation instructions and diagrams.

Klemko has years of experience and expertise in-house. If you have any issues or comments please contact us. We will find all your answers to questions about lighting controls, connector technology and LED & lighting.

Latest News

New LUXOR led module

12 oktober 2011, 12:48

Klemko Technology B.V. developed her led module even further. It is switched to a new CREE XPG LED chip. The LED chip consumes 2,3 W instead of 2,5W. Next to a lower wattage the light output of the lamp is increased to 150 Lumens (warm white).

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Allround presence detector wide range

31 augustus 2011, 08:23

Klemko Technology B.V. Introduces the new presence detector, type PLF-UNI-PIR/30D2. This product has a large detection range, steers light points from, for example business buildings (daylight independent) and is capable of steering old and new installed lighting.

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The new Radiographic control in 868MHz

8 november 2010, 10:45

Klemko introduces a completely new range of remote control products that provide jobs and new opportunities for the installer. Reasonable price, many features and a quality program makes renovations and new construction easier. The communication between transmitters and receivers could do the trick, the only restriction is still in the mind of the designer.

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